Cosmo Boyd makes it his responsibility to ensure his clients are aware of the “Four Wolves of Investing” that can lead clients to worry about their finances and future – inflation, prices, market volatility, and Wall Street. Each of these wolves place the clients’ attention on what’s happening today, instead of focusing on their long-term plans.  The 680 Group’s goal is to develop a portfolio that is aimed at meeting the client’s long-term needs and goals, whatever they may be.

Service is at the very core of what The 680 Group does. With each client, the team strives to treat them as family and is dedicated to going above and beyond to address their financial needs. As advisor and financial planner, Cosmo takes a holistic approach to his strategies – covering everything including education planning, retirement planning, and estate planning. The plan is the most important aspect of the financial strategy and informs how the assets are invested.

An image of four wolves in a forest