Take the Mystery Out of Money Management

Cosmo Boyd |

Hi. I’m financial advisor Cosmo Boyd. I offer nearly half a century of investment experience and trustworthy money management. Jana, Sheila, Emily, and I work at The 680 Group, my independent financial services firm that focuses on building long-term relationships and long-term results.

We treat our clients like family. We understand that it takes a leap of faith to trust a stranger with your money and investments. It’s much easier to trust a friend. But with family, you know you can count on them to do the right thing.

We aim to deliver excellent service. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with decades of experience helping people. We can help you, too.

Here’s why:

So many firms – no matter what line of business they’re in – have developed a playbook of excuses as to why they cannot do what you want them to do within the time you need it to be done. That’s not how we operate.

At our firm, when a client calls and says, “You know, I haven't done a good job with keeping my records and books and so forth and I need some money, but I need it like by two o'clock today,” we know what must be done to make that happen.

So many firms will charge you extra for emergency services or add fees to take care of special requests. We don’t.

Sterling customer service is a standard feature that comes with every member of our team.

When we moved from another firm a few years ago, I called clients to let them know and the first thing many of them wanted to know was, “Is Jana going with you?”

When I answered in the affirmative, they said, “Okay. Then I’m coming with you, too.”

Our communications director, Jana, is that good.

So are Sheila and Emily.

They each bring different skill sets to the table, so that no matter what issue comes up, the right person for the job is here and ready to solve the problem.

Our job is to help you enjoy confidence about everything financial. Your confidence is how we measure success.
We have the best people on our team working in the areas that they are best suited to perform. We understand the value of our clients’ time, and they know when they come to us they will be put in the care of the right person to assist them on any particular day.

We realize our clients have choices in the money management marketplace. There are other places they can go. Many of our clients have been with us since we put the team together.

Jana has been with us since 2007.

“A lot of our clients are my friends and I think that makes it a better working relationship,” she says. “I like to solve problems for them. It makes them comfortable. That’s what we do for our friends. Our clients bring their business to us because we honor a sacred trust. There’s more to life than money and we want people to enjoy life. That’s what’s important.”

Our operations director, Sheila says it’s all about going the extra mile, sometimes literally.

“I used to live in Opelika, Alabama, and that's about a two-hour drive from our office,” she says. “And so, we had some clients that lived Southwest of Atlanta, which is sort of on the way to Opelika. Not exactly, but sort of. And there were some papers they needed to sign so I stopped by to visit with them.”

The second time Sheila made the trip, the family invited her to dinner.

“We want to show you that this is not just a relationship between clients and vendors. It is very personal,” Sheila says. “And one of the reasons that the three of us – me, Jana and Cosmo -- are still working together is because we all feel that way.”

Part of the firm’s mission is to take the mystery out of money management. People tend to fear or worry about that which they don’t understand. The goal is to shine a light of clarity on our clients’ investments and strategies.
Some people feel intimidated when they come into a situation where they’re considering working with a financial advisor. They worry they’re going to get the white coat syndrome. They get nervous, like going to the doctor. We’re here to make it more human and not so scary.

“We truly are a team,” Sheila says. “We like each other, we do stuff outside of the office together. So really our goal is always to do the very best thing for the client. That’s the philosophy we live by. “

We’re proud of our work because when we go home, we know we haven't done something based on what will make us more money or what will make our company more money, but what is best for the client. We go home at night knowing that our clients have been treated the way we would want to be treated. We don’t think in terms of what’s easy for us, but what’s best for our clients.

When you come see our firm for money management, you can count on being treated like family.

Our job is to take care of clients like they are a spouse, our mother, an uncle, whomever. At the same time, we instill in our clients the understanding that we have the core competencies to get the job done – and the right people for the job. If it needs to be done, Sheila can get it done. If anybody can solve the problem, Jana can solve the problem. Emily, our Administrative Director, can get it done. If anybody can put together a financial plan that helps you see your way through a maze, that's my job.

Reassurance. Confidence. At the end of the day, that’s what we are proud to deliver.

Let’s talk about how we can help you.

Kind regards,

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