How Kolbe Can Help You

Cosmo Boyd |

The following newsletter is written by one of my board members I thought I'd use
it as a great introduction to the Kolbe test. I use Kolbe numbers for friends and
people I know to help me communicate with them better. You can take the test
too at
Are you familiar with the Kolbe A assessment?
How they describe it...
The Kolbe Index (Instinct Test) is unique. It does not measure
intelligence, personality or social style. It measures the instinctive ways
you take action when you strive.

Your result will describe your natural strengths – your modus operandi (MO).
There are two responses for each question – MOST and LEAST.
Choose ONE response for the way you would MOST likely act if you
were free to be yourself, and then choose ONE response for the action
you are LEAST likely to take.
There are no right or wrong answers. If you are not sure which option to
choose, ask yourself what you would do, "if free to be myself."
I have used this extensively over the last decade in helping with team dynamics, managing
roles and responsibilities, and making hiring decisions.

I like it for a couple of reasons.
1. It is short... 36 Questions - takes 20 minutes.
2. Simple output - it produces 4 accurate numbers.

My four numbers are 2-3-9-6
1st - Factfinder
2nd - Follow through
3rd - Quickstart
4th - Implementor
Example - You probably do not want a low factfinder responsible for the financial planning process.

Funny story... One of our clients (you know who you are) called the company to ask about his
results. His factfinder number seemed too high and his quickstart too low to him. One of the
first things the gentleman at the company asked was, "Is your factfinder a 7 or higher?"
The advisor responded affirmatively.
The employee responded, " Yeah, factfinders are the only ones who ever call us."